Phone Consultation

For clients outside of Australia or those unable to come into our office, a phone consultation is another way to obtain initial advice on your situation.

A Phone consultation service includes:

  • Advice on the relevant visa applications which may be available to you
  • Information on the criteria for each of these visa types
  • Any critical dates which might apply in your case
  • Possible pitfalls or shortcomings in your case
  • Details on the main stages in the application process
  • An indication of the average processing time for the application
  • A written copy of the advice given, scanned and emailed to you


By the end of the consultation you should have a very good idea of the options available to you, as well as the pros and cons of each.

In some cases, we can also undertake to check the Migration Regulations or make inquiries with the relevant authorities on your behalf as part of the service.

There is a charge for this service, please refer to our Professional Fees for more information

You can telephone us on +61 2 9231 2651 to book an appointment.