New Zealand is prominent for its astounding scenery and exquisite study destination.

New Zealand is prominent for its astounding scenery and exquisite study destination. The countryside is wonderment stimulating and quite breathtaking , it has rock – strewn coastal shores to stunning beaches , green hills to flourishing rainforests and a lot more . New Zealand provides high quality of education at all the levels , take academic ,professional and vocational studies. It offers a secure learning surrounding and supply magnificent study opportunities and support to the international students .


1. Top universities

New Zealand is the home country of many top universities like The University of Auckland , University of Otago , University of Canterbury , Victoria University of Wellington ,etc
not only providing courses of academic but also professional and vocational studies. It provides British based education system. The universities give top graduates by their expertise and experience and the degrees are recognised globally.

2. Availability of financial sources

Yes ! STUDENT LOANS are available by most suitable agreement as the education loan consultants for nationalized bank have the following benefits :
a) Return on investment is only 10.50%
b) The period of repayment is 84 months
c) All the expenses related to college fee , purchase of books , other travelling expenses is taken care by the bank.
d) You can also get financial support in doing diploma and certificate courses.

3. Job opportunities

The international students studying in New Zealand are also able to develop their skills like communication , time management , team work and personal skills as they can work for 20 hours a week on their student visa during their semesters and can also work upto 40 hours during vacation.

4. Hospitality

The New Zealanders treat the international students in a very companionable manner which makes the student more comfortable and create a desirable environment which is required to adjust in the new country. This unique attitude of New Zealanders towards their neighbours have made it a world best country for persuing higher studies.

5. Low cost

The cost of studying in New Zealand is very low as compared with other countries like USA , UK or Australia. Cost of undergraduate degree ranges from NZ$ 18,000 to NZ$ 25,000 annually and of postgraduate degree it ranges from NZ$ 10,000 TO NZ$ 30,000 per year.

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