Our Services

The best way for you to ensure the success of your application is to appoint VISAINFO as your migration agent for lodgement and processing of your application.

You will be allocated a dedicated case manager who will be your contact point at VISAINFO and manage the application process throughout.

Our full visa application service includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Advice regarding your application.
  • An application package, which includes all necessary Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) forms, instructions on how to proceed and a list of the documents needed to prepare the application.
  • Quality Control Team to check all your documents to ensure that the application complies with Australia’s legislative requirements.
  • Advise you if additional documents are required.
  • Customized immigration strategy designed by your VISAINFO Visa Specialist.
  • Meet and communicate with you as necessary.
  • Advise you regarding required police clearance procedures.
  • Advise you regarding procedure for obtaining medical examinations required by the Australian Government.
  • Prepare your application in the format expected by the Australian Government.
  • Assist and prepare prefilled DIBP Application forms you to complete the application forms.
  • Write a formal submission illustrating to the DIBP that your application satisfies the requirements of the particular class and subclass of visa that you are applying for
  • Assist you in checking that all your answers on the application forms match your documentary evidence and both of these together meet the legal requirements of the class / subclass of visa that you are applying for.
  • Lodge your DIBP application on your behalf and liaise and negotiate with the DIBP on your behalf and supervise the case until the visa decision is made.

  • Follow up your applications as required.


You can begin the process at any time by choosing one of the options below:

Email Consultation

Complete an online email inquiry and receive an answer to your questions within 2 business days.

Face to Face consultation

Come into our office and meet with a registered migration agent in person.

Phone Consultation

Speak to a registered migration agent over the phone.

Skype Consultation

Speak to a registered migration agent via webcam on Skype.