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Statement of Purpose is one of the most important parts of your application that tells the representative looking at your application about who you are, your career progression path so far, your professional interests and your future plans.

Universities tend to put a lot of importance on the statement of purpose. This statement shows how ready you are for studying overseas and the depth of your research and planning towards your future.

A well written SOP enhances your chance of admissions to your preferred universities and reflects your ability to portray clearly and intelligently through your writing skills.

It is one of the most important items of the application to universities. It can ‘Make or Break’ an application. So, do yourself a favor and spend some time on the net and research what you are going to be doing.

VISAINFO office provides detailed guidance, access to computers and internet at no cost so feel free to ask your VISAINFO counsellor.

What do universities look for in a student SOP?

Who are you?

  • Briefly talk about who you are and your family background including members of your family
  • Talk about your aspirations and how this education will make a difference in your professional or personal lives and of those around you.
  • This should showcase the unusual hardships or obstacles that you may have had to overcome, any unusual accomplishments, whether professional, personal or academic, skills and personal characteristics contributing to success in that field.
  • You do not need to write your resume but briefly state your Education & professional experience till date. The statement of purpose is the perfect opportunity to address problems. There may be gaps and problems in the academic background. In the statement, it is possible to address these issues so that the concerns of the admissions committee can be removed. It is important to be honest during this process.
  • Instead of defending the actions, reasons should provide that resulted in such situations. It is also important to showcase in a matured manner, that you have overcome the problems that had once beset you.

What attracts you to study in Canada and why did you choose your education provider?

Be specific and use examples of research that you guided by your VISAINFO counsellor would have undertaken by now and specifically address:

  1. Why you chose Canada to study and what other countries you compared Canada with and what made you decide to come to Canada to study.
  2. How did you find this education provider?
  3. What research did you undertake?
  4. What other providers did you consider?
  5. What were the reasons you chose this education provider over others?

Why have you applied for the respective program and how does it fit with your previous background and career goals?

Do not give standard answers but research the course and try and understand how it will assist in your professional development. Be specific and use examples of research that you guided by your VISAINFO counsellor would have undertaken by now and specifically address:

  • What appeals to you about the program and how does your strength and interest match the requirements of the program.
  • Briefly mention your academic experience and explain how it relates to the course that you are applying for.
  • Discuss about the individual units or subjects of the course you are to study and mention them by their name to describe how they may be able to assist you in career progression. How they may be easier for you to understand due to your previous work experience or previous study history.
  • Detail any gaps in employment and studies. All gaps must be clearly explained.

How do you justify the investment of time and money?

  • Address why you are not studying this course in your home country
  • Why are you investing the amount of money in Canadian education?
  • What will you do upon finishing the course?
  • How will you get a return on your investments?
  • Explain in writing the financial table (VISAINFO can assist you with just ask your friendly VISAINFO counsellor) this should detail your understanding of how much money is required to be shown for immigration purposes?
  • Who is funding the education and
  • Why is your sponsor funding the education and their relationship to you?

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